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Falsely Accused of a Crime

No one wants to be falsely accused of a crime, but the situation occurs too often. The court system exonerates many individuals who judges and juries convicted based on misleading, illegal, and insufficient evidence. If an individual is unfortunate enough to be falsely accused of an offense, that person should take specific actions to protect himself or herself and their rights.

Investigating the Facts

A defendant can conduct a pre-file investigation to research the facts and evidence of a case before filing any paperwork. This step allows the defense to understand fully what happened, who participated, and what evidence exists. A defendant can also identify any potential witnesses or experts who may be able to help the case. An experienced criminal lawyer will often hire private investigators or use other resources to conduct a thorough pre-file investigation on behalf of their client.

Handling the Interrogation

Interrogation without a lawyer present is dangerous because it can lead to false confessions. Interrogators may use tactics designed to coerce a confession. Studies have shown that people interrogated without a criminal lawyer are more likely to confess to a crime, even if they didn't commit it. Interrogations can be very stressful, and people can lose their ability to think clearly. Defendants must remember that law enforcement officers are trained professionals with the upper hand.

Addressing an Accuser's Credibility

A defendant should present any information that would undermine an accuser's credibility as concisely and clearly as possible. This step requires addressing any contradictions or inconsistencies in the accuser's story, character witnesses who can attest to the accuser's untruthfulness, or previous instances of false accusations. Respect and sensitivity are essential when handling this type of information, as it can be difficult and emotional for all parties involved.

Defending Against False Accusations

False accusations can happen to anyone, and the results can be devastating. One misstep could lead to long-lasting consequences, such as imprisonment or restrictions that affect one's employment or living situation. Knowing the best way to defend oneself is critical in these situations. With the right support system, people can avoid suffering the effects of misleading charges that may be difficult or impossible to undo. In Dallas, Texas, where some of the best criminal lawyers practice have been able to get charges dropped for many clients accused of a crime. Others who have been previously convicted of a crime can seek expungement through an expungement lawyer to get a criminal record sealed from public view.